January 31st, 2007

Lady Disdain


I am Fiona, thyexecutioner, and several years ago I created this community. Through the years this community has seen ups and downs and slums and very busy periods; it has also seen different moderators (such as the amazing dove95.) Since early November, 2006 excuse_me___ has lain dormant. It is my feeling that this community serves a purpose, that purpose is urging others to create. A great many people suffer what is called writer's block or a slum in their creativity. E_M___ gives artists a topic to work with in order to, hopefully, inspire them beyond their usual bounds. Yes, a lofty claim. Perhaps, with everyone's help, it will be realized.

On Friday (2/02/07) I will update here with a new topic, and being a new era in this art community. Please, if you are reading this now, become involved. If you are already a member, post on the present topic or be sure to post on the upcoming topic. If you are not a member, join up and see what this is all about. Thank you!