January 26th, 2004


What is infinite?

Infinite is... non-existent.

Infinite is the sand that stretches for miles
Right under your feet.
Inifnite is that feeling you get
When you stand at the edge of the ocean
And dip a toe in to test the water
Knowing that you'd never go in anyway

Infinite is embodies in summer nights
At impossible hours of the morning
Skinnydipping in the lake
That's placed on private property
Getting caught
Running and laughing with happiness
Written all over your
Flushed and handsome face

Infinite are the possiblities
That are handed to you when you stand
At the edge of the sidewalk
On the railway track
Knowing that one step further
Would take you as far way from home
As you've ever been

Infinite is an idea
That we, mortals, can live forever
Eternally at the tip of a quill
In the first syllable of an actor's monolague
In the echo of a concerto masterpeice
In the aplause for the prima ballerina

Anything can be infinite
If we can imagine it.