Sarcastic until further notice (i_eatglass) wrote in excuse_me___,
Sarcastic until further notice

Theme: Mouth's Cradle

This got kind of long, sorry.

You said this city fell with every new industry
You have no idea
Mutation means survival

You look into his glowing red eyes and wonder
is this the end or is this the beginning?
I try to find the light
The death grip tightens
He controls me without even saying a word

Living a life of hell
and knowing nothing better
I have the sagacious kindled cognizance
there once was life here
Keep it in never
Well, what would you do
If your destiny was decided for you?
If your destiny meant
that you had to lose?

Tattooed neck, shaved head
Waking up with something new
Keep this crime a secret
Out of gas, fragmented past
Blindfolded in a taxi
Are you coming or not?

His mouth cradles the lies
with his tongue in his cheek
Trust is just another weapon
in his arsenal of deciet
There are few more awkward situations
then sitting in a room
where so much could be unspoken

He put the fire in my hands
So I could steal a moment from you
and forge a better nightmare in your mind
When you're trying to utterly destroy the lives
of the people you hate
you can't really be nice about it
A creation of chaos and rebellion

And all that will be left
The mouth's cradle closed over
a city of stolen knives
and surfeiting flies, and sewn shut
by our own intelligence
We're sharp enough

Remember the place by the river
where we sat and watched the stars
like we owned the night sky?
Trust me when I say,
Fairytales are real
Tags: mouths_cradle

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