Sarcastic until further notice (i_eatglass) wrote in excuse_me___,
Sarcastic until further notice

my entry-cry aloud-theme

bad days happen like sad songs played on the radio
reminding you sometimes life has a way of being trite
there is nothing trite about this
just take me outside to the sky we prevail and make me happy
after a night of violent sleep with the watchful Azriel
not one to mince words, I'm here to do the devil's work
and don't depend on others
because we're all just one heartbeat away from a hospital visit
we'll never see
she was just an autumn fling that somehow dragged out to
eight years of best friends forever
instant the words are said, it's over
and all that's left is an incomplete set of memories
the cost of war, she was too frail for this world
you can't infect my mind, I'm too frail to let you in
I'm taking the long ride home
please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
Tags: cry_aloud

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