Little Miss Socrates (thyexecutioner) wrote in excuse_me___,
Little Miss Socrates

In hopes someone will see.

Inside Out

Oh, if I could be you.
You with your nonchalant
t-shirt and jeans, attracting
bees by your color;
your perfume no other
than that which is sold in
Your skin the shade of
snow bells, lips the pink
in sunset, another bombshell
coquette to make me feel
desperately inadequate.
If I could move as gracefully
as if dancing without suffering
fully the pain of fashion,
the glass shards of passion
stuck between my toes.
God knows that if I could
sell my soul to buy yours
in the market place, to be
adored as you, I would
yet I will not rip myself
inside out to be as beautiful.
Tags: inside_out

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