Little Miss Socrates (thyexecutioner) wrote in excuse_me___,
Little Miss Socrates


As of 2/09/07

A lot of people have recently joined this community, and I hope that more of you post for this next topic.
Tags: reborn

  • Reborn

    Phoenix Teeth in the mirror gnawing on shrapnel, my eyes remained the same. Debris lodged in my gums, my tongue burnt by metal from the fire. I…

  • Topic: Reborn

    It's my first time posting. :) Unwilling Rebirth was welcomed long ago I wanted no reprise, I was happy where I was why did it have to die?…

  • Topic: Reborn

    Some days, I dream I dream of wings of flame, carrying me through the night The flame engulfs me Beautiful flame embracing me, warming my very soul…

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