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Can you see me?

The fae is hiding in shadows and doorways
The fae is mincing through branches of trees
That fae will flirt more than other faes, saying:
do you feel me?
The fae is creeping to the top of the stairs,
The fae is dancing at the foot of your bed
She comes as you're lonely, saying your prayers, sir
She's thorough-bred
She sings, 'love, let's get it together, tonight, oh,
lover'; she'll steal you from love more holy;
she'll sing to you, begging, so bloody and low:
do you feel me?
In the darkness you see her, her face darkened,
even her eyes shun the light of the moon
so you see like the devil, how her heart's broken:
you'll save her soon.
With her tears, she falls; with her teeth, she falls
on you, biting you off to be out of your hands
and she bites through you clean. She pulls out
her perfect plans.
A charmless heart for a broken one, exchanged
in the light of a sunless smile, given free.
As she stalks out the door, your hearts rearranged
she asks,...

(Edited to make better sense, 'can you see me?' became 'do you feel me?'. Grossness came out of nowhere and led the poem on from there).
Tags: can_you_see_me?

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