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Bring it.

"Try me," I said with a laugh at the threat of bad news he held over my head. We need to talk? Ok, that's cool. I'm good at that.


Haha! You're kidding, right? Hahh.. That's not very funny...


No? No. ...No! "Please, rethink this." Clearly spoken, no choking sound is audible, even when it is felt. A black hole appeared in me when the words were spoken, and you erased everything good there ever was inside of me..

No begging to you. None. I try to explain, but you don't listen. Your reasoning is swiss cheese, except leaves an even worse taste in my mouth as the tears silently fall and all of a sudden, I'm absolutely alone in the world, once again. No, you won't hear a word. The pain won't be shown.

A day later, it hurts even worse. So quickly you don't care? I can't hide it when you stare at me, when you appear out of nowhere at the absolute lowest of all the lows. I'm drowning in the bottom of the sea, and you just bury me so I'm that much lower.
You held my hands.
I told you I loved you.

And... you didn't care. You do now? Good, I still do, too.
I'll get over it, though.

I hope you never will.
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