This girl. (angelpunkrocker) wrote in excuse_me___,
This girl.

A fool's hope.

When I reached my arms up and entwined them around your neck, like the rose bush growing along a fence slowly making its way up to where both are comfortable, I winced as the thorns pricked us. I was so, so simply happy to be in your arms and feel you and, and your back; I would've done anything for you. I did do everything for you. The complex web of lies that we constructed around our rose/fence lives, the lies for others and the lies for ourselves, once again making us believe that anything we did, ever, was right and moral and should have been - it clouded our perfect image until no one could see in, until we couldn't see out. The web blocked the sun, leaving my petals to slowly wither and die and fall to the ground in a gray, crinkled mess, and you, stiff as a board, couldn't bend over to collect my pieces and fix me. We were isolated and wrong all along, from your first wasted chip of self to my first thorn. And when it got to be too much, when the darkness clouded my life and I crumbled and cried and fell against your stable self, I realized... there was only a fool's hope we would survive, anyway.
Tags: a_fool_hope

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