Shary ...with the </3 (suicidalfcuk) wrote in excuse_me___,
Shary ...with the </3

Wasted time.

rewritten words on unexplained lines
lies and truth all combine
one simple minute on one simple page
things always change and so does the stage
unexplained words on rewritten lines
wastes every moment of our faithless lives
Tags: wasted_time

  • Wasted

    This will be wasted time, while she blesses The name that, in time, the same mouth confesses.

  • Wasted Time

    Summers filled with unforgotten kisses, Leaves flowing beneath our feet, Words upon words of supposed meaningful emotion, lie. Eyes now dialated,…

  • Wasted time.

    Was it really all a waste of time? The words that you spoke, the lies that I believed, the hours spent on the phone just listening to your voice…

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