set me reelin'. (vaya___) wrote in excuse_me___,
set me reelin'.


i dream of you, when i wake up
without a memory —i know it's always you.
everyday with you becomes the day of the dead
i celebrate the demise of what was once strong
about us. we were more than simple
human bodies combined. no, we were far more
than flesh wrapped around skeleton.
the color of our combined skin
transcended sight. we were a body of light
darkness comes, now, from my fingernails
dripping ink like it was neon black
nail polish. i awake to the morning
far before light. we are the days
and the ever traveling night.
we had gained the equipoise of
blindness and sight. acute awareness.
we are children of the heightened senses
but we dissimulate to protect the blind.
the blind who seek the blind
to be akin in the 4 shared heightened senses.
but, in my dreams, you are nebulously
disguised as someone far less familiar.
i will always know you. and, you
have been blessed to never
forget me.

Forgive this, some of the words may have been used incorrectly. It may not even make all that much sense with the topic; but, this is what I wrote for the topic.
Tags: skeleton

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