set me reelin'. (vaya___) wrote in excuse_me___,
set me reelin'.


As of 1.28.05

Yeah, I know that last one did suck. I couldn't even post something on it! I'm very sorry for doing that, but it was a rushing around day. Kudos to the new person who posted for it! ^_^ Hopefully this topic will be better than the previous!
Tags: skeleton

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    Skeleton (give me some opinions on this, I think I need to work on it some more, but this is all a result of one two-hour sitting) It only takes a…

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    If I had no skeleton I could be mashed, moulded Like the clay God spits on, Breathes on, makes man of. As it is, I am a rib. I'm of the line of…

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    Skeleton i dream of you, when i wake up without a memory —i know it's always you. everyday with you becomes the day of the dead i celebrate the…

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