set me reelin'. (vaya___) wrote in excuse_me___,
set me reelin'.

This topic is hell. :D

Ocular Proof.

Visible y invisible.
Maker of things that are seen and unseen.
Do you see what I see?
  (i see a girl
  who lacks faith in the
  unseen. but believes
  in what she thinks
  that she's seen.)

What faith is there in the
Unseen. A Goddess so tall and lean?
She beams of light
  (gentle, gently)
Like diamonds in the sky.
No, these raindrops do not hurt my eyes.
For I have seen, yes I have seen the glory,
The glory
Of the coming, of the coming of the

What be this? Madness clean?
There is nothing 20/20 vision can miss
Except ultimate sublime bliss.
Here, dry your eyes
You're missing the northern light.
Where do you go to find your home?
Close your eyes, and then you'll know.

Not sure this aligns totally with the topic, but it's the best that I could do. ;D
Tags: ocular_proof

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