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I've done better. Sorry it sucks.

She was strange and out of place, as she sat around the large oaken table and looked them each in the eye. They were all dressed up and made up and she didn't care. Their eyes were caked with makeup and their smiles blindingly bright as they passed around the turkey and cranberry sauce and talked about how wonderful life is. Wait, wasn't grandma bitching for half an hour yesterday about a car that cut her off? Why is she wearing this smile now, and speaking so enthusiastically of the kindness of strangers? Wait, didn't mom spend hours and hours of her life crying and lamenting over the loss of her husband, that man, and somehow now, all of a sudden, God has blessed her life? Wait, didn't brother spend all last night crying in her arms over the loss of his best friend in a stupid, petty, elementary school fight and now he's thankful for being close to him again?
Her eyes fill with tears at the lies flowing around the table, as the food passes by her and the aromas make her gag. Thanksgiving, my ass. Every day, she spends hours praying to God and thanking Him for everything, and now, everyone around her is clouding her ideals and making everything that she believes, that she has ever believed in, lies. Her facade crumbles and she runs out crying, while the liars sit around smiling, wondering what is happening with the beautiful, honest young girl.
Realist, maybe. Honest, maybe. But strange, and definitly out of place.
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