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Allelu, alleluia! Gloria Deo! Jubilate Deo! Amen! In North Jersey there is a movement which consists of Christian fundamentalists. They will not get tattoos because it says not to, "In the Bible." That, "The Bible is the Holy Word!" and, "The Word of God!" You can be in a room and a young boy says, "The Bible is the Holy Word!" and a young girl will reply, "The Word of God!" Allelu, alleluia! Gloria Deo! Jubilate Deo! Amen! All that you can want is someone else strong enough, sturdy enough, to scream, "ATHEISM!" or, "DARWIN!" and not falter when people get angry. Someone else who takes a minor amount of offense to being called, "deprived," because of their lack of Jesusness. But, what the hell? When Lucifer reaches out his large, Spanish hand to me, I'll take it. Aiulella!*

*Bad joke at Satanism.
Tags: alleluia

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