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santa, santa evita [entries|friends|calendar]
Eva Duarte de Peron--that's hot.

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[2 wept like madness! : don't cry, argentina]

[09 Apr 2007|01:49am]


Hey, I just found this community but I think it's rather inactive.
I was wondering if anyone knew of any good Evita communitys?
The ones I found aren't really Evita based, thier mostly to do with musicals in general.

Thanks in advance!

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[05 Feb 2006|10:36am]

[ mood | happy ]

I absolutely love Evita: the musical, movie, and person. I own the movie, musical soundtrack, and in a few days, the movie soundtrack. I also read Eva Perón by Alicia Dujovne Ortiz, and it is amazing. You should all read it.

Did anyone read her autobiographies? I really want to read them, but my library doesn't have them. So, I'll have to buy them eventually.

But, wow, I am soooo happy I found an Evita community.

[ don't cry, argentina]

[15 Dec 2005|01:44pm]

i was about to start a community such as this but hey why not join whatsalready avaliable, i love evita ever so much, the musical and Eva herself,


[ don't cry, argentina]

hi! [06 Dec 2005|10:02am]

[ mood | -stupid term paper! ]

I'm so glad that I found an Evita community! I have been in love with this musical since I was 8. It was one of the first Broadway musicals I had ever heard, thanks to my mom. As time has gone on, I have become very interested not just in the musical, but in Eva herself, her life, her legacy. I look forward to getting to know you guys! Now I must go back to writing my term paper, lol.

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