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The EMA's this year were awesome, but Tokio Hotel were by far the best thing :D They beat My Chemical romance, Fall Out Boy, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Is it any wonder why?
I discovered their music and found out I LOVE this music. Plus the boy's german accents
are so cute ^^

Tokio Hotel also led the sexiest performance of the night! Check out the vid:
mask by Styromgalleries! princessbride z

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hey everyone. I wanted to know if anyone remembers a tv show that came on about maybe 4:00pm on a weekday (I think on either UPN or NBC). It involved a young woman in the Old West. She had long black hair and was of a fortunate financial position, but she would dress up in leather pants and a shirt and a frilly black mask and be something like a Zorro. She vaguely reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones, but it's been a while, so I'm not sure. The guy, a sheriff or something of the sort, who hates her vigilante identity is constantly trying to get her proper-self to notice him. Anyway, if anyone remembers this or can point me towards the right path, I'll take a request for something in my power. Thanks!

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Ahoy all ye lily livered land lubbers and bilge rats! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so ye best be doing yer hornpipe (a dance) smartly, or I'll be making ye walk the plank. Hoist yer sails and swab the poopdeck, mateys, for the Captain be here, and she be in the mood for some grog and some whores. There be no beauty quite like a whore after some good grog. So, spread the word, mateys, it be ITLAP, and the Captain will be making the rounds to be sure ye all are using your best pirate lingo. This be Captain Melissa signing off! Arrrr, aye aye, ahoy, and all that crazy stuff.
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stamped... wedding

I have many ideas about what I want my wedding to be like... but the one I can't break away from is...

I wanna get married on the beach in Florida... in the rain....(a light rain) during the day.... with the song "She's my kinda rain" by Tim McGraw playing. I'd be in a white sun dress type thing (still elegant) and my brides maids would be in pastels....idea sounds wonderful.....

now all i need is waterproof make up.....lol...
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So... A guy walks into a bar and says "Oww."

What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? "Where's my tractor?!"

How do you make an egg roll? Push it.

Where do polar bears vote? The North Poll.

'Kay, well, I'm done. Sorry. I liked 'em, thought I'd share.