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Title: Untitled (By all means, jump in with a title suggestion.)
Author: morningafter2
Fandom: Birds of Prey (TV)
Pairing: One-sided Barbara/Helena
Challenge and prompt: Challenge six, prompt one.
Words: 232
Rating/Warnings: Eh... R?

She imagined her under the slanting shadows of the last sun, feral and primitive. Jumping from building to building, moves Barbara herself could never have pulled off without assistance. Moves that still made her gasp at the sight – though she suspected it was more the performer than the performance that evoked her reaction.

Barbara had seen Helena fight before, had witnessed firsthand the power the brunette possessed. She knew how her fights went, every night. Swift attacks, passed on from teacher to student, executed with the feline grace Helena had inherited from her mother. Always enough to hurt, never enough to kill. Beautiful features set in determination, focussing solely on her opponent.

Barbara knew Helena wasn’t patrolling tonight - the blizzard outside had effectively stranded her in her apartment – but the knowledge did nothing to ruin her fantasy, reprehensible as she would find it tomorrow. Rather than dwell on that, she turned her attention to other things.

Her hand drifted between her legs, a futile attempt to feel something she knew she never would again, marking in her mind the exact point where the sensation ended. This is wrong. She bit her lip to silence the scream that wasn’t coming, trying preserve the silence that only existed when she was alone.

The metallic taste of blood crept past her teeth and Barbara ceased all attempts at silence. Love no longer spoke quietly.
Tags: challenge six, challenge six prompt one
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