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&; one I made this community in order to bring together
people with the same opinion as me. I love all kinds of music;
I believe that every genre has something good to share. (And
yes, even country and rap.) I also believe that musical taste is
an opinion - no band ever truly "sucks", people simply like or
dislike them. Musicians tend to be people very passionate about
their craft, and I think that deserves to be respected whether you
like what they create, or not.

&; two I hope this community to grow into a place to talk about
music, and especially discover new music. I love discovering new
musicians who I've never heard before, especially if I end up really
liking them. I've also found out that I can be turned off by downloading a
not-so-good song by a band, and then finding out later that they really
rock - I had just downloaded a song I didn't like by pure bad luck. This way,
I think people can recommend better songs by bands, providing new listeners
with the best first impression possible. :) Post anything music related: Talk
about your favorite band, (See post number 1 for details) promote your own
band, post some lyrics that touch you, ask about a band you've heard of and
want to know more about, ask for recommendations of musicians in a certain
genre, reviews of CDs, trading mp3s, videos, etc., things along those lines.

&; three I believe there are no language barriers in music. If you'd like
to post something about a band/musician who sings in Spanish, go ahead.
People who want nothing to do with Spanish music can ignore it, and people
who would like to try some can have a good first-hand recommendation.

&; four I really don't like rules, but I want to add this one, just to
keep things sane. Please don't flame any specific bands or genres,
like I said in the first paragraph. If you don't have an open mind, you
might not want to consider joining. Of course I respect people's
opinions, and constructive, respectable comments (Things like, "I don't
like the way they do this," or, "I think she could be better if she did this,")
are completely welcome. In the same vein, I ask that if you can't handle
someone else's opinion on your music, that you not bring it up. I'm really
just trying to keep fights away from here - I've seen how defensive people
can get about music, as if someone had insulted them personally. The
best way to tackle this issue is to just ignore posts about bands/genres
you don't like.

&; five This is simply a personal preference: Please write intelligently. x.o;
No one's going to chew you out if you typo or don't know how to spell a
word, but it peeves me and a lot of people I know when people talk in "net talk".

&; six Last, but certainly not least, I would like to stress that all music genres
are welcome here. Alternative, Bluegrass, Blues, Celtic, Classical, Country, Dance,
Disco, Electric(a), Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Pop, Punk, Rap,
Reggae, Religious, R&B, Rock, and many more that I can't think of right now!