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Are you a star?

Or are you all burned out?

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There's a saying in spanish that goes "Eres una estrella, o eres estrellada".. "You're either a star, or you've burned out." That's what this community is about.. those of us that have that special something that makes us stand out from a crowd. Something internal that outshines the glimmering fakeness surrounding us and makes us uniquely beautiful, and lets us see that which is beautiful in others as well.

[x] You have 2 days to post your application after joining. If you haven't by then, mods reserve the right to ban you.
[x] Don't reply to anything apart from your own application, whether it be another application or something posted by a member of the community until you've been accepted. Doing so will result in rejection.
[x] Age isn't a factor in this community, but please try to act mature when you post your application as you will be judged by that.
[x] If there is a question you'd rather skip on the application, you can make the answer estrellada. This can only be used ONCE.
[x] Make the subject of your post "We're all in the gutter." so that we know you read the rules.
[x] The members may get a little harsh with you when voting, but please remember that you put YOURSELF up to be judged by us. This is a rating community, and that's exactly what we're going to do.
[x] Don't type like an idiot. You could be an incredibly smart person, but if you 'p0st l1k3 th1s', expect to be rejected, no matter how well your opinions are stated.
[x] Please format your application so it's easier for us to read.
[x] Post your application behind a lj-cut, and make sure the cut is labelled "But some of us are looking at the stars." so we know for sure you've read the rules.
[x] If you're rejected, you can try again in a week (7 days). If you're rejected again you can try once more in another week (7 days). If you get rejected a third time don't make a scene, just leave.
[x] Don't get bitchy with us if you don't get in, and don't remove your application if you get a few no's, as both will get you banned.
[x] Posting a picture in your application will get you an automatic rejection. We don't care what you look like, only what you are.

[x] Once you've been accepted you can vote on other applications or make your own posts, just make sure you always have 'stamped' somewhere in your subject.
[x] It's okay to be a bit rude and there's minimal restrictions on swearing (try not to be too excessive) but always remember that this community is open to all ages.
[x] No posting any pictures that contain nudity. Violent and risque subjects are just fine, but please lets keep things to a pg-13 rating around here.
[x] Please try to be active by either voting or posting at least once a week. If you're not going to be able to be active, let the mods know.
[x] Let us know what you're voting in the subject of the reply. Also, please don't just say 'yes' or 'no', please explain why you're voting the way you are.

munk: Owner, Head Mod. PSP work.
AIM: nibbleonjello
E-mail: munkerella@gmail.com

poeticfool: Theme/Discussions/Pornography
AIM: ehtteop
E-mail: poetic_fool@charter.net

cenn: i'm an asshole
AIM: washingmachine
E-mail: shamash@gmail.com

mechanicaljack: Crowd control, Law admin.
AIM: akaihamasuta

- Basics -

Zodiac Sign:
Promote the community somewhere and show us:

- Digging a little deeper -

Tell us how the people that love and know you best would describe you:
Tell us how the people that hate you most would describe you:
Tell us your very worst personality trait:
Tell us about your favorite music:
Tell us about your favorite past times:
Sum your lives philosophy up in a sentence:

- Picking at your brain -

(please explain)

What do you think about religion?:
What do you think about genetic tampering?:
What do you think about the Media (tv, newspapers, internet)?:
What do you think about sexual censorship?:

- Reflexes -

(please explain)

You're accused of something you didn't do, how do you respond?:
Someone seems intent on picking a fight with you, what do you do?:
Someone makes a promise that they neglect to go through with, how do you react?:
You're driving in your car, on a wild stormy night, when you pass a bus stop. You see 3 people waiting for the bus: An elderly woman who looks very sick, an old friend who once saved your life, and the perfect partner you've been dreaming about. You can only offer a ride to one of them, who do you choose?:

- Sentence completion -

(be creative!)

You win some:
A cynic is:
The world is:
I wish:
Happiness is:

aloycemarie: Application.
cenn: Application.
darkreiver: Application.
deartiffdrummer: Application.
kwong: Application.
mechanicaljack: Application.
merlinx007: Application.
poeticfool: Application.
sinisterwinds: Application.
tommiboi: Application.
oemona: Application.
zurvran: Application.
jobyschmoby: Application.

sugarmama69: Application.

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