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Welcome to Enter The Underworld! The main purpose of this community is sharing graphics, news, comments & opinions with other UW lovers.


This is a closed community thanks to the people that likes to take graphics without crediting the makers. You'll be immediatly accepted once any of the moderators check your properly credited userpictures (you must have at least once displayed & properly credited (that includes those made by yourself), we're not going to figure out if you will credit for the graphics if you don't have a single icon or something else loaded).

Once you've been accepted, feel free to post anytime
you'd like. If it's something extended, a big amount of
icons or a graphic that's wider than the community's entries
, please place them under a LJ cut (<lj-cut text="click to see/read more"> your image or text will be placed here </lj-cut>)

Please let the maker know which graphics you're taking,
preferably keep them in LJ, if you're going to use them somewhere else, let the
maker know. NEVER directlink their work, if you need an image hoster go to: photobucket, pix 8 or imageshack.

Please don't ever ever take a TAGGED icon, it doesn't matter if you're giving credit or not for them, if they're tagged with the person's username that's because it was made for their personal use only.

Heh, I think that's all for now. More rules will be added or modified once we get more members.


Graphics by: Gwew.
Journal tweaking by: Lex.
Pattern from: k10k.


Gwew 39tries & Lex lacelamb.