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http://www.synthdicate.com/2008/05/08/endif/ (russian)

Reviews of Carbon (Tympanik):









http://www.synthdicate.com/2008/07/31/endif-carbon (russian)

Reviews of Meta (Crunch Pod):






Live show review; Las Angeles Industrial Festival (2005)

Re:Gen Mag Editors Picks - Top 5 Albums of 2006 (Meta)

Discography @ Discogs.com

Last Midwest show for a long long time...

Friday : August 24
Eternal Productions presents EUPHONY, featuring:

[Madison, WI]

[Columbia, WI] The anti-music twilight zone experience. Expect nothing. Leave with something.

[Madison, WI - Crunchpod Records]

[Madison, WI] Rinsin' the dubstep plates for all y'all bass addicts. Wait for it...

[Madison, WI] One hour DJ set of the smooth groove minimal techy likes to get the night started.

Doors at 9PM, 21+ ID required.
NO COVER for any Euphony cardholders (plus one guest), $5 otherwise.
$1.50 SELECT PINTS and $1.50 RAIL MIXERS until 10PM.

Endif - 'Meta' : Press + Feature on Ungodly Hour

Side-Line.com has picked up the 'Meta' release as a news story:




Wisconsin music magazine Ricks Cafe was the first to review Meta in their October '06 issue.

Ricks Cafe

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Grave Concerns Ezine

Another review of Meta, this one from Grave Concerns E-Zine:

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The Ungodly Hour

The Ungodly Hour radio show, streaming live from Rant Radio's mighty servers every Thursday night from 7-10 p.m., did a double artist showcase this week, featuring Endif and Terrorfakt.



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All reposted to Thirdwave Collective:
Thirdwave Collective

Two Reviews

Thanks Ben for pointing these out. =]

Black Harvest E-Zine


"ENDIF: Meta CD Crunch Pod

Crunchpod are releasing some fine releases lately and Endif is certainly a thing of quality, clarity and different. Meta is a very precise album, worked from the lighter and more experimental end of the scene to great effect, reminding me, rhythmically, of early Exclipsect, this release is full of rhythm comprised of many different elements conjoined with some desolate ambient glue sticking the tracks together and plodding away with, again, precise and slightly effected kicks. As Meta progresses the tracks also progress in both complexity and simplicity, from experimental laid back ambient numbers to more upbeat dancefloor tracks with the brief addition of vocals here and there, synth and basslines all help to build Endif's mechanically clinical sound, don't get me wrong, most of the tracks showcased here are dancefloor friendly and aimed at various stages of the evening as the tracks roll on so does the intensity, occasionally breaking down and then hitting home again, the inclusion of a pure proto industrial track 'blotter' makes Endif stand out, there is a lot of diversity of pace and experimentation in the sound and I for one cannot wait to hear some more of Endif. Great production, nice artwork and eases the listener in, and out of each track nicely. Great work 8.5/10 MATT. "


"ENDIF Vs CAUSTIC: Meld CDR ep Thirdwave Collective

Self released CDR split from US scenesters EndIF and Caustic, a healthy 12 tracks in length, 4 from each artist and 2 remixes of each other and a bonus 2 remixes of both artists by CtrlShft. This is a bright and colourful sounding releases EndIf sounding like an interesting blend of almost Combichrist's self coined 'TBM' with a twang of Skinny Puppy and a dash of IDM. This is heavy industrial with vocals, its not particularly unique but is competent 'Totenplatz' and 'Ashes' were the stand out track for me. Nicely produced although a little too loud in places, heavy kicks, bleepy synths, interesting rhythms borrowed from some of the more IDM style acts, not a bad start. Caustic next in with more straight forward 4 to the floor dance beats taking us to the next level, these 2 artists compliment each other quite nicely and the selection and progression of tracks is pretty good. Caustic showing some real promise on the first of his share of tracks, hardly surprising as this is the endif mix and good it is too, hard beats, minimal ambient and obscure soundscapes and electronic yet industrial percussion. Caustic is predominantly dance-floor, with some intelligent well thought out percussion and samples, this is pretty derivative stuff but its competent and fun dance-floor beatage. Stand out track was 'Concussive', worth keeping an eye on Caustic and EndIf as they could become the US answer to acts like Xotox and Combichrist. CtrlShft ws an interesting listen, very breakbeat/ambient with a very mainstream, leftfield stance pretty good remixes and also works in the grand scheme of the CD. The artists seem to gel and complement each other which is a good thing. The highlight of the split, I have to say, was the last track which is CtrlShft remix of Caustics 'mmm papscraper I love you'. Better production and attention to some of the finer points and they are all onto a winner. Good stuff lads keep up the good work. 7/10 MATT. "


INDOCTRINATION FESTIVAL - This weekend in Chicago!

If you miss this you FAIL

If you miss this you FAIL

Three days. Twenty bands. One hell of a lot of noise:

November 3 - 5

Three-day ticket = $40
All one-day tickets = $18
21+ (sorry)

Friday November 3rd
doors @6pm
7pm wilt
8pm vuxnut
9pm monstrum sepsis
10pm endif
11pm antigen shift
12am edgey
2am close

Saturday November 4th
doors @5pm
6pm tonikom
7pm mad ep
8pm concrete cookie + the dog (mashup sound system)
9pm w.a.s.t.e.
10pm s:cage
11pm terrorfakt
12am c/a/t
1am enduser
3pm close

Sunday November 5th
doors @6pm
7pm cacophony
8pm the operative
9pm prometheus burning
10pm caustic
11pm victo ecret
12am scrap.edx
2am close

@ SPOT 6
3343 N. Clark St.
Chicago IL

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