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This is an emo community. It's a place where you can share anything you find falls under the category/genre of EMO. (as in emotional, there are lots of emotions -- keep in mind) You can share anything from pictures to songs, quotes to poems, essays, editorials, "what you think" and other writings. There isn't much to it although...

There are a [couple] rules;
oo1. be courteous to others & don't diss a song or quote a member posts.

oo2. don't worry, go ahead ask for a request here and there.

oo3. include your source.

oo4. keep on the topic of 'emo'. but you can post other genres - as long as the lyrics are deep &meaningful to you as a person. also, they have to be along the lines of emotional.

oo5. don't be sorry for a post you make about a song. even if its been posted 5 million times like Konstantine has.

oo6. share your own writings! ask other members what they think! its all about sharing here.

oo7. Please keep very long posts behind lj-cuts.

oo8. And also, nothing profane or offensive, there is a fine line between what you believe to be meaningful and to what thoroughly offends others. Please keep other people's opinions in mind, but at the same time, express yourself freely.

Any questions? Ask your moderators!

Nicole - xrainb0wst4rx
or Sunny - saying_hello

You may ask us anything or bitch at us anytime =)

How To Join:

Click "click to Join" at the top of the page & add us to your friends!

Go to post an entry as you normally would, instead, under 'Optional Settings' select "emoness_" in the drop down menu.

Post your entries & have fun kids!

If you have anything additional to ask, or a comment you'd like to make on the community, contact us anytime.

Some sources for lyrics..

New! You can post pictures of yourself or anything you like. Feel free to share anything you want. If it be an icon,a banner,yourself...go ahead!