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I have a problem that I can't figure out on my own..
And was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.
Anything would work right now.
I recently got into a serious car accident with my boyfriend and our good friend.
They had been drinking, so we all realize this was our fault.
It has been almost a month and I'm still recovering.
My boyfriend, who is 18 when I'm almost 16, and I are serious.
We really like each other, like I could see myself loving him.
And we didn't think we would have to end our relationship because of this accident.
We figured it was a mistake but that shouldn't affect how we feel for each other.
And it really hasn't.
My dad has refused to let me see him.
I can't date him, talk to him on the phone, nothing.
And were still dating and talking, very secretly..
But I feel wrong doing it.
Like I'm living a lie, basically.
My dad and I argued and fought for days til I finally calmed him down.
We decided on letting me see my boyfriend, Shawn, when I turn 16.
Which I'll be 16 in about 2 months.
At first I was just going to lie about dating Shawn and not let anyone know I was..
But as time has passed I realized how much I hate doing this.
I mean, not to sound greedy or anything, but Shawn was never a "good" boyfriend.
But I liked him anyways, you know.. just something about him, I guess.
I brought it up with him that maybe we should take a break.
And he flipped out.
I gave all my points and made it look a good idea but he wasn't having it.
Now, I would just break up with him and leave it alone..
But I know that if I do he won't give me another chance later on when I'm ready.
And I don't wanna lose him.
I have really tried to get him to see, but he just won't.
I am so confused and so torn between what is right and what I wanna do.
So, here's the question..
What do I do?
Or, better yet, what should I do?
Because this has been driving me crazy and I just don't know what I should do about it.
So, if I could get any help I'd be very thankful!
Thanks guys!

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