October 21st, 2004

(no subject)

I can burn you with the fire from my eyes
and you still won't feel a thing
Cause you can't feel anything
Unless it's your selfishness

You believe that people should fall
At your feet and beseech you
For acception, For resentment
For anything to make you feel important

The minute hand is speeding up
Five years later you've lost your touch
I feel guilty for letting you believe
You had any power over me

(chorus)So begin to understand this
I love you like I love a broken wrist
And there's only so much of your shit I can take
Before my restraining ropes will start to break
This is the last time I act like I could care

Tie yourself up to a post
Let me take this stone and throw
And cause you pain for all the times
You screamed my faults and crossed the line

Hope you realize this is to point out
All your lies and thoughts about
How you always get what you want
Hope these words will start to haunt

It's all a part of growing up
Of building walls and breaking trusts
It's all a part of giving up
Of losing faith and missing luck

Chorus x2

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