October 19th, 2004

(no subject)

Here is a poem I wrote not too long ago:


The makeup hides the bruises
As they mark her fair white skin
The sleeves cover the crucial pain
That is killing her within

No one knows the purpose
No one seems to care
No one tries to stop it
Her agony is everywhere

Her pretty pink lips are busted
Her bright blue eyes are black
Her big red heart is failing
Please, God, bring her back

(no subject)

Here is another poem I recently wrote:

It all happened so fast
No, this isn’t a complaint
Its just hard to sit back
While my heart starts to taint

You will leave a mark
On my unloving soul
If you look at my heart,
You will see a dark hole

He left so fast
You came so quick
How is it that one heart,
Can bleed blood so thick?

I want to be with you
But I must say
I am scared of this
In every possible way

Will this last?
Could you be the one?
Or am I just here,
For temporary fun?