August 21st, 2004

  • ambie88

The new one

Hey new to this community and my name is amber, im 16 years old and live in san diego california. Anways, im goin threw some kind of an emotional time here and i really dont know how to get threw ir or even explain it. The only real way i can explain it is threw my poetry. Yeah i write real emotional poetry soo yeah.

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So let me know what you think
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I just recently found out that one of my friends, who is a guy, is "in love" with my boyfriend. Normally gay guys don't bother me.. I mean.. I love them.. but this is weird. Why my boyfriend? There are a thousand other guys out there. Its depressing. My boyfriend knows about it and he doesn't have a problem with gays either but I think it is beginning to gross him out. All my friend talks about pertaining to him is sex. He is worse than I am.

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