July 20th, 2004

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Your stubborn
Hurt and tired.

Mixed up feelings
With pointless
Selfish Attire.

Overused phrases
and lips of sapphire
You look at the world
As if its out to get you.

You've hurt
more than spoken
You've cried
More in vain

Your worthy
of not a second
Your not worthy
of this pain

Cease the greatness
of a lie
One i tell you
it feels good to cry.

So tell me when
Its my turn to be me
I dont think im ready
This world is just too mean.

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(no subject)

Another one of mine,written for my dear boyfriend
I pull you close,
and touch your face.
Then realize that I know it,
just like the back of my hand.
I press my lips upon yours,
and forget to breathe.
I grab onto you tightly,
and fear of having to let go.
Then it comes to me that,
you're never going to hurt me.
And then I look into your eyes,
and just can't help but smile.
For that look you give me,
could make me fall to my knees.

hello <3

to see you when i wake up,
is a gift i didnt think could be real.

to know that you feel the same, as i do
is a three-fold utopian dream
you do something to me
that i can't explain...

so would i be out of line,
if i said.. "i miss you"?
i see your picture,
i smell your skin

on the empty pillow next to mine.
you have only been gone ten days
but already im w a s t i n g away.
i know ill see you agian,
whether far or soon...
but i need you to know, that i care...
and i miss you.

- incubus
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(no subject)

this is called "pretend" by social burn..
gotta <3 it.

"Did you see the sky tonight
It was covering a world so bright
Hiding from a place inside
You could never really see the light
But I'm having trouble sleeping
Cause I know no one's awake
I wish that I was dreaming
Cause then I could see your face
And I wish I knew a place to hide
I wish I knew a place inside
Where I could

Pretend you're the only one
Pretend you're the only one
Pretend you're the only one
That's never far away

But you're having trouble breathing
Cause the world takes your breath away
And you're hiding from the demons
That attack you everday
And I wish I could be there
To help take away the pain
But looking in my mirror
I could never see your face

(Chorus) (Bridge)
But if I could see your face tonight
I would give away my worthless life
Crawling on my hands and knees
I beg you, I beg you, I beg you...

(Lead break) (Chorus x2)"
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