July 6th, 2004

My poems, let me kno what u think

Love like this is hard to find.
Love like this is one of a kind.
But before I give my love away let me know you're here to stay.
It is like saying one candle will burn forever.
But I know we can make it,we'll stay together.
Loving you is all I want to do.
This is the best thing I've been put through.
I guess I'm just asking for your word.
I hope this is not too obsurd.
This feeling I have is totally new.
In other words...I'll always love you.
Your Mask
The mask you wear...
The one you wear each day.
Proves to everyone...
Lies are all you say.
You hide behind this mask of yours...
With secrets in the midst.
Your ability to provoke with words...
But yet behind that mask...
Your lies are being missed.
All the pain and trouble this mask has caused slowly tear me apart...
Sooner or later that mask will break another heart.
The Road Not Taken
The road I never followed was the one fit for my heart.
Each road I took tore me more apart.
These roads ended with nothing but heartache and tears.
Along each road I realized reality was my fear.
Never was there anyone to hear my sighs.
Nor was there anyone to comfort my cries.
I picked these roads with more hope than ever.
Not knowing they'd make my heart burn and sever.
The road not taken will come very soon.
On this road, before my eyes, I'll watch my life slowly bloom.

So, yea. I've got so0o many poems. I just picked some random ones. So... Hope u enjoy ^_^.

newbie =)

uhh hullo. I am new here, I came across this in the community _cherrylipgloss which im proudly a part of (it's kick face guys..go have a look!) and I am already in two lyrics communities as well but this one seems...different. I like it. so for my first post this is one of my favourite songs, I dunno if it's emo enough but i <3 it. [hearts] adriana =D

Matchbook Romance-The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)

The hand of my clock strikes two
In times when I got the best of you
We made promises we couldn't keep
And every night we couldn't sleep.
I didn't know why, but didn't ask questions
because it was the first time in my life, yeah the first time in my life
Where I, did something right.

I set myself up for the greatest fall of all time

You pick me apart
While I search for witty things to say (In my defense)
"You'll never amount to anything anyway"
(Don't press your luck, don't press your luck)
And think that I'm impressed with your one night stands
and your contagious kiss
I'm trying to get this right
Yeah, cause
I'm ridiculous like that

I'll keep this as
A constant reminder
Of the nights I spent holding onto her
And rest assured I'm moving on
I miss you less, with each day you're gone (you're gone)

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