July 5th, 2004

wrote this about 2 months ago.. what do you think?

dark hair
green eyes.
smile lost
full of lies.
dazing off
seeing red.
forgetting the past
things of dread.
hating herself
hating you too.
shadowing her fear
thinking about you.
icy stares
biting remarks.
emotionless being
a broken heart.
lingering anger
unforgetful attempts.
feelings remorse
not being contempt.
losing herself
still being near.
all of this pain
shes still here.

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Hey Guys...I wrote this a couple weeks ago to my boyfriend,whom I love and adore..Anthony. Let me know what you think ^_^

I want to lie in your arms forever, looking into your eyes, breathing every bit of you in and giving you everything you want.

All because, since our very first kiss I could never imagine myself with anyone else and I never even had the temptation.

You proved to me that I can fall in love, that love is real.

And I have fallen in love with you.

I need your fingers to eternally lock with mine.

So tight that we'll never let go.

All the colors in the world could never compare to your beauty.

Nor could a single red rose.

Like that single rose, my love for you is singled out.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've fallen into you like a star shooting by.

You're a part of me.

You're every tear I've shed, every curve of my body, every flaw...and I wouldn't change it.

These are just some things I'm never going to be able to let go.

You're the reason I open my eyes to reveal their twinkle, to see things differently.

You're the reason I have hope.FONT>

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So much has gone on, I don't know how to deal
My body is numb and I wish that I could feel
There is no way I could think to explain
How it is that you cause me so much pain

There used to be a place that I could go and hide
But that special place is gone and I feel that it has died
Alone again in the dark I sense that you are near
I wish that you would leave and stop feeding my fear

I once had an excape till you came along
Now all I have is the rememberence of our song
I remember that I used to cut it all away
But that is no more as I see myself dying here this day

I remember the blood, so calming and warm
As it would fall from the cuts that were lashed in my arm
The crimson spots that cover my bedroom floor
Were the last things I remember as slammed my bed room door

So as I sit here and try to let my mind go
I still can remember that day so long ago
You said you loved me and that you'd never let me fall
But you lied because years have passed and still ignore my call.
soul x mate


So, this isn't really 'emo' (does ska count..?) but I really like this song anyways. =)

You called me up last night in tears and said you missed me after all these years
Well I’ve been waiting here so long, I’ve gotten over it since you've been gone
You called me late last night again and said you're finished with your new boyfriend
Asked if you could come back home- so sorry that you left me all alone

You say you love me, love me again but if you love me- where have you been?
You say you need me more than anyone else well go to hell, where have you been?
You showed up at my door today and said my friend why do you push me away
Your life with him was just so dull but what we had was something wonderful

You say you love me, you love me again but if you love me- where have you been?
You say you need me more than anyone else well go to hell- where have you been?
No way! You wish! I don't need this! What makes you think I’d ever want you again?
Yeah right! As if! I don't need this What makes you think I'd ever want you again?

Reel Big Fish // Where Have you Been? [I know it's an old song, haha whatever.]