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Name: Andrea (on-drey-uh)

5 Bands
:my chemical romance
:the used
:taking back sunday
:the misfits
5 Movies
:mean girls
:pirates of the carribean
:the family stone
Lyrics that best describe you:

Color(s):black and green
Band:my chemical romance
Peice of clothing: my hoodie that has "the used" printed on it
Movie:mean girls

*Your Views*::Try to be specific and clear dont just say oh bush is gay.. blah blah be serious.
Gay Marriage:I encourage it. You are who you are and you love who you love. It shouldn't matter.
President Bush:he has herpes. i despise him. not only because of the whole issue with gay-marriage and all that jazz, but because he's an arrogant person who doesn't look at everyone else's point of views.
Abstinence(no sex before marriage):it's alright if you do that. there's nothing wrogn with saving yourself,if you're religious or for your own personal beliefs. you shouldn't judge people.
Why should we accept you?:because i'd like to join and i'll be active.
What do you think of our community?:i think it's pretty cool.

Where did you hear of us:mmmmm, my friend's livejournal(screamo_attic)
What do you think of the lovely mods?:lovely indeed
Say something random:Paris Hilton gave me herpes
Have you had your fiber today?:probably not. I had coffee though!!!!!!!!!!
Promote us?:duh
Anything else you must tell us thats intirely random?:I'm Hungarian

*Pictures* If you only have one, thats fine but no more than 3 please make sure we can see your prettyful faces =)

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Going blind
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Over dramatics
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