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Name: Todd


F/M?: im a guy

Sexuality: idk
5 Bands
dashboard confessional

green day

brand new

early november

blink 182

5 Movies
:edward scissorhands

buffalo 66



reqeam for a dream

Lyrics that best describe you:

"My eyes feel like they’re gonna bleed
Dried up and bulging out my skull
My mouth is dry my face is numb
Fucked up and spun out in my room
On my own here we go"

Color(s): black or white

Band: either nirvana or green day

Piece of clothing: girl pants

Food:pbj sandwhich

Movie: edward scissorhands

Song: i honestly don't have one.

*Your Views*::Try to be specific and clear dont just say oh bush is gay.. blah blah be serious.

Gay Marriage: i think its alright if your with the one you love

President Bush: i dont really get him , but otherwise, i really dont get pollitics

abstinence(no sex before marriage): ok, if your christian

Why should we accept you?: i dunno

What do you think of our community?: it seems great.

Where did you hear of us: my friend
What do you think of the lovely mods?: lovely
Say something random: skittles are good

Have you had your fiber today?:yeah
Promote us?: sorry
Anything else you must tell us thats intirely random?: i cry everyday?

*Pictures* If you only have one, thats fine but no more than 3 please make sure we can see your prettyful faces =)




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