they call me Susannah (howstereophonic) wrote in emo_x_,
they call me Susannah


Name: Susannah


F/M?: she


5 Bands
:sunny day real estate
:rites of spring
:bright eyes
:rage agaisnt the machine
:sex pistols

5 Movies
:road kill
:requiem for a dream
:american history x
:reefer madness..the musical
:fight club

Lyrics that best describe you: All I want in life is to be happy.
It seems funny to me.
How fucked things can be.
Everytime I get ahead.
I feel more dead.

Color(s): plum

Band: sorry kids..don't have one. why just limit myself to one band?

Piece of clothing: it isn't really a piece of clothing but more of an accesory..a good friend of mine gave me a blue watch with fish on it..i wear it everywhere..all the time.

Food:eel sushi

Movie: road kill

Song: i honestly don't have one.

*Your Views*::Try to be specific and clear dont just say oh bush is gay.. blah blah be serious.
Gay Marriage: so basically i don't support any type of marriage. i think the terminology is terrible. it sets standards and morals to what a marriage can or cannot be..there for adding prejudice to it. but personally..anyone who loves eachother should be allowed to.

President Bush: i think he has basically made some very unwise and stupid desicions. how ever i avoid talking about politics. not proper conversation starters. while i do know my fact..i just rather not get into it.

abstinence(no sex before marriage): okay. so no sex before marriage. i guess it's okay. personally i don't choose abstinence but if you are into that..then that's cool too.

Why should we accept you?: my good looks,wonderful personality, and great smile? i tend to be kind of awesome at life...i'm working on being active and i can help with html!

What do you think of our community?: it seems great.

Where did you hear of us: random search
What do you think of the lovely mods?: lovely indeed.
Pie?:is it tuesday?
Say something random: when a man..loves a woman...a certain attraction is met. if you put them naked together in a bathroom you will notice an overall...
Have you had your fiber today?:yeah
Promote us?:yeah boii..
Anything else you must tell us thats intirely random?:fresca is really good.

*Pictures* If you only have one, thats fine but no more than 3 please make sure we can see your prettyful faces =)

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