steph. (crushed88) wrote in emo_x_,


Name: Stephanie
Age: 14
F/M?: F
Sexuality: straight

5 Bands
: Taking Back Sunday
: Imogean Heap
: Jack's Manequin
: Less Than Jake
: Five Iron Frenzy
5 Movies
: 10 things i hate about you
: wedding crashers
: the wedding singer
: grind
: american wedding
Lyrics that best describe you:
"and if i bleed, i promise to bleed your favorite shade of red"

Color(s): green
Band: Styx
Peice of clothing: my left black high top converse... its been through so much
Food: classic mac n' cheese out of the oven
Song: cute with out the E (taking back sunday)

*Your Views*::Try to be specific and clear dont just say oh bush is gay.. blah blah be serious.
Gay Marriage: i don't really have an opinion on gay marrige. if you find your true love happens to be the same sex than it's great. true love is all that really matters, and we are all put into this world destine for something, it just so happens you might have been made attracted to the same sex.
President Bush: brush has done some good things and some bad things. i really don't like war, but when our country is going into war, we must fight. other than that bush has made some desicions that are good for our country.
Abstinence(no sex before marriage): sex before marriage seems okay. just don't get pregnant... that would be awful unless you are older. (very random) my boyfriend's parents had him before they got married, so i really think its fine if you stick with that guy.
Why should we accept you?: you should accept me cause i'm awesome. haha, sorry i just think i could find a few friends here and they could actually understand.
What do you think of our community?: this community is pretty wicked sweet.

Where did you hear of us: justinistooemo
What do you think of the lovely mods?: our mods are emoly awesome!
Pie?: pie is yummy!
Say something random: CHEESECAKE!
Have you had your fiber today?: umm i dont know... i dont think about what i eat... it just ends up in my tummy =D
Promote us?:
Anything else you must tell us thats intirely random?:
umm not really... i'm not that random...

*Pictures* If you only have one, thats fine but no more than 3 please make sure we can see your prettyful faces =)

wow i look fat... i'm so not tho...

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