‡ Bella Morte ‡ (comtemplating) wrote in emo_x_,
‡ Bella Morte ‡

ello, im brit. how goes it¿ hope no one minds if i add one of my poems to this site. this one is called Fool.


when i needed you the most
you just turned away
but who was i to believe
that you were actually different

and i love how you
have an excuse for everything
when all i want from you
is the truth

im falling away from you
piece by piece
i can no longer keep myself together
i never imagined this would happen, ever
maybe i needed to open my eyes a little further

but im such a fool
for even thinking
youd be there for me
when i really needed somone
to comfort me

am i not that important?
do i mean that little?
you dont have to say a word
i can tell by your tone
i guess ill be spending
another day all alone

alone in my room
the only place i feel safe
away from the lies and excuses
but this gets us nowhere
its all useless

what am i supoose to do
i confided in you
which wasnt the right choice
i guess there is no one
that you can truly trsut

although i trusted you with my heart
with everything i have
but i didnt mean enough
for you to come and be with me
instead you ripped that all apart

but im such a fool
for even thinking
youd be there for me
when i needed someone
to comfort me


feel free to comment me, and pleast dont steal...thanks <3

mmk well laters




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