emoggeh. (xredletterday) wrote in emo_r_us_,

shes leaving home

//* Name -Meg
//* Age -14
//* Location -suburbia, New Jersey

//* Favorite things -oh, duh, my emo glasses, my books, my camera & my walkman.
//* what’s under your bed -dear god, a kilt, extra pillows, random books and quite possibly a dead body.

//*Favorite Books -The Picture of Dorian Gray, Prozac Nation, Catcher in the Rye, The Boys from Brazil, Lord of the Flies...um. a lot more that I cant remember...
//*Favorite Foods -cheese pizza with plain pancakes ohemgee its so great.
//*Favorite Bands - agh. god. ani, ugly casanova, british sea power, ASOB (heartheartheart), the miasmics, bright eyes, the beatles, pink floyd, hendrix, meatloaf, the strokes, steel train, modest mouse, adam green, moldy peaches, big d, thursday, dropkick murphys, rocking horse winner, the get up kids, incredible moses leroy, of montreal, the impossibles, the dandy warhols, radiohead...plus a lot more.

//* what does EMO mean to YOU? - to me, emo is awesome except missing a few letters.
//* Why are you emo? - because after some 'hardcore' people beat me up, they threw a guitar at me and called me emo.
//* First emo band -Jimmy Eat World (I dont care how they sound now, on Clarity they were pretty damn emo.

//* Most Hated bands [pick 5] -
story of the year, mest, simple plan, blink 182, avril

//* Most Hated music Video EVER -Story of the Year's 'until the day I die' *loatheloatheloathe*

//* what do you think about president bush? - one term president...eh.

//* Why should you be apart of our community? - because I can supply enough emo to power NYC
//* what can you bring to it? - my hxc ms painting skillz, y0

//* Please post 1-3 pictures

cry, baby, cry.
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