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Name –
Age –
Location –
south florida

10 favorite bands –
rilo kiley, straylight run, alkaline trio, the shins, taking back sunday, jimmy buffett, dashboard, against me, queen
5 Favorite books –
fight club, perks of being a wallflower, invisable monster, catcher in the rye, to kill a mockingbird
5 favorite movies –
garden state, american history x, zoolander, fight club, crazy/beautiful
What does emo mean to you? –
that you appreciate love and are very sensitive and like good music
Why do you like emo? –
cus i like crying it feels good
Why should we accept you? –
because im the coolest person in the northern hemisphere

Opinions –

Teen Sex –
well i only think it's stupid when people go around having sex with everyone they meet or someone they've been going out with for like a month. otherwise it doesn't really bother me. i'm a virgin though and i plan on being one for a while.
Teen Drinking – as long as you aren't abusing it, i think it's fine. as long as you drink responsibly-no drunken sex with random people and no drinking and driving. and as long as it doesn't consume your life to the point where you can't have fun without it.

President Bush –
well i like him better than i like kerry but i don't love him. if i could vote, i would vote for nater.

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