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Name – ashlee

Age – 17

Location – detriot MI

10 favorite bands – taking back sunday poison the well AFI death cab 4 cutie a perfekt sirkul bob marley bright eyez *nsync weezer n nickelback

5 Favorite books – swell bridgette jones diary da lion da witch n' da wardrobe da giver n da necklace

5 favorite movies – pritty in p!nk (omg mally is hot) jurassic park (lol omg tim is hot) home alone (omg i luv u mccalley) 7 mile (EM IS DA BEST) n american pie (LOLOLOL)

What does emo mean to you? – itz everithang 2 me, al mi lyfe is zummed up in da lyrikz

Why do you like emo? – cuz sometymes i thk dat life SUX and i wanna slit my wriiists, conar oburzt sym0lizez my payne

Why should we accept you? – cuz ive got ur tots lol

Opinions –

Teen Sex – lol yz plz

Teen Drinking – lol like that jkwon song lol

President Bush - fuck bush!!1 he started war n war is bad mmkay

hey dis is me im sad cuz life SUX n mi hampstar dyed did mi mascara run?

ohh dis kruel lyfe Y DOZ N1 understrand mi PAYNE?!?!eleven

a gift
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