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Name – Adam

Age – 14

Location – Cohoes, NY

10 favorite bands – Pink Floyd, Bright Eyes, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, God Forbid...yesh I like Metal as well, My Chemcial Romance, Matchbook Romance, Brand New, and Dashboard Confessional.

5 Favorite books – Interview With The Vampire-Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat-Anne Rice, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower-Stephen Chbosky (sp?), The Long Walk-Stephen King, Rage-Stephen King

5 favorite movies – SLC Punk, 28 Days Later, Finding Nemo, The Wall, Natural Born Killers

What does emo mean to you? – It isn't just music, or the way you dress. It is you yourself. Your personality. All emo people are sad and sappy a lot. Not knocking us down becuase Adamo is Emo. I just think that the world is heavily Melo-Dramatic... heh I am as well anyway.

Why do you like emo? – Well I just always was sad. Never really was truely happy, I mean is anyone ever truely happy? But I just connect with the music. It brings a lot of influence into my living. But I also enjoy Metal as well so I can't rely on music. I really can't give a straigt answer. It just always appealed to me...

Why should we accept you? – Becuase I shall bring more variety into the communtiy. I also would be helpful at bring more thought out votes in...

Opinions –

Teen Sex – Meh, I am still a virgin and I really don't plan on doing it for awhile. My ex asked if we could and I told her know. I think realisticly that it isn't a good idea. I think people should have a more stable enviroment before they go into something like that. I mean birth controll isn't one hundred percent safe... therefore would you want to end up with a child at 16?

Teen Drinking – be responsible about it though. I mean a lot of teens do. I am edge so I don't drink nor really aggree with it. But then again that's why this is an opinion's page.

President Bush – In my opinion the worst president in US history. He hasn't done one senseable thing since he took office. He cheated his way in, and never brought any of his campaign promises to action. I mean I know most never do but lets me reasonable... some need to be done.

Promoting -

Pictures -

This one is right after I got my hair straightened...

And this is before lol
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