Bean (beandiddly) wrote in emo_r_us_,

Name – Bean
Age – 15
Location – Rockland County, NY

10 favorite bands –Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, The Who, Anti-Flag, Matchbook Romance, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria, Streeghtlight Manifesto, Thursday
5 Favorite books –I don't read much
5 favorite movies –Half Baked, Detroit Rock City, Spiderman 2, The New Guy, Wayne's World
What does emo mean to you? –Emotional. Or was I supposed to read more into the question?
Why do you like emo? – The lyrics can be interpreted and applied to so many different situations, I can relate to it so much more than other types of music.
Why should we accept you? – I'm a poor little emo child. I may very well cry if I'm not accepted(Note: humor intended, I'm not mocking anyone)
Opinions –
Teen Sex – Under the right circumstances, sure.
Teen Drinking – I live in Pearl River. It would be a miracle if I was against drinking.
President Bush – Don't even get me started on politics. Basically he's a redneck who should never have even been elected, but people are hella dumb and I disagree with a lot of the popular anti-Bush criticisms. If you really want me to go off on this, IM me- BassGod56
Promote us to two other communities and post the link. I will check.

I'm the tall one in black. These were both taken at Warped, so excuse the hair...

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