liz Z y b3ar (noxtricious_) wrote in emo_r_us_,
liz Z y b3ar

Name – Liz

Age – 15

Location – Michigan

10 favorite bands – From autumn to ashes, Atreyu, My chemical romance, Coheed and Cambria, From first to last, Taking back sunday, Bright eye's, Alkaline trio, Poison the well.

5 Favorite books – Marilyn manson's bio, My life as a teenage farie, Choke, Behind the paint, ?

5 favorite movies – The labrynth, 16 candles, The breakfast club, Nightmare before christmas, Whos that girl, Requium for a dream.

What does emo mean to you? – Emotional.

Why do you like emo? – Emo is a way to express your true self, to show that you aren't afraid to show your true emotions.

Why should we accept you? – Because I'm... Neat.

Opinions – that a question? Or am I stupid?

Teen Sex – Nope. Against it.

Teen Drinking – Same as above. sXe.

President Bush – Fxcking idiot. Bringing too much war crap. I hate it. I hate him. GO KERRY.


Okay, I look more gothic. But, thats because these are old, and that was the phase I was going through.
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