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Name –wennie

Age – 15

Location –WA

10 favorite bands –daphne loves derby, death cab for cutie, postal service, bright eyes, taking back sunday, days away, the format, nada surf, juliana theory, matchbook romance sry thats 11

5 Favorite books – the 5 people you meet in heaven, pretty is as pretty does, that summer, chicken soup for the teenage soul, star girl

5 favorite movies – the notebook, a walk to remember, bowling for coloumbine (oh man intresting movie), along came polly, idk...

What does emo mean to you? –emo means to me emotional rock, and just emotional...

Why do you like emo? –i like emo cause the music is just so amazing, and i just love it.

Why should we accept you? –you shold accept me cause i like to meet new people who are intrested in the same stuff as me, but if you dont then i guess im just not.

Opinions –

Teen Sex –your life your choice.

Teen Drinking –your life your choice, just make sure you dont drive...and i guess know your limits.

President Bush –we didnt need to go to war.....

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