Anastasia (emoxdespair) wrote in emo_r_us_,


Name – Anastasia

Age – 15

Location – Canada

10 favorite bands – Minds Eye, The Span, Gremlin, Freedom Toast, Dead City Radio, Faluire of a difference, First Encounter, Diagnosis for the third kind

5 Favorite book- Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Cut, Under the sheets, Your flavor, Harry meets Lucy.

5 favorite movies – Ghost world, bowling for columbine, ferenheit 911, donnie darko, requiem for a dream, fight club

What does emo mean to you? – No. Let me correct you. "Emo" is a mainstream type of music and stereotype:
Emo (adj.),

An ambiguous term relating to skinny, pale, often vegetarian kids that don't stop their fucking whining.

The real kids who should be classified as "emo" dont fit into the typical stereotype. So to me, "emo" is a lifestyle.

Why do you like emo? – i dont. but other people seem to stereotype me that way, and being unique i dont often meet people like me, this is an attempt to do so.

Why should we accept you? – thats for you to decide isnt it?

Opinions –

Teen Sex – It is for individuals to decide whats personally best and right for them.

Teen Drinking – it can either be a way to have fun or a way to run from your problems, either way if it is helping you feel better go for it

President Bush – stupid corporate bastard that is born into the government and money and who bought out his election


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