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STAMPED///**something you may want to check out

ok since I love the cure... (if any of you didn’t know that from just looking at my icon) but people like to send me songs of bands doing covers of cure songs for me to criticize and make fun of...

well recently someone send me an acoustic cover of "Just Like Heaven".... and guess who was covering it... TAKING BACK SUNDAY...

Adam Lazzara + "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure + ACOUSTIC = just... cute... HE WAS SINGING IT TO JOHN NOLAN

I don’t know if it was released or if it is old but if you download then DL it or I would be happy to send it to anybody just IM me...

if you like tbs or if you like the cure then you need to here this... or if you like making fun of any of those bands... you need to hear this... it is more cute than anything but still enjoyable

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