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Name –Meg

Age – 14

Location –suburbia, Jersey

10 favorite bands –ASOB[!!!], the Cardigans, Camera Obscura, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Magnetic Fields, Westbound Train, Cake, My Chemical Romance, the Get Up Kids.

5 Favorite books –Battle Royale, Watership Down, The Boys from Brazil, The Catcher in the Rye, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

5 favorite movies –Requiem for a Dream, Evil Dead, the Song Remains the Same, Wilde, Empire Records.

What does emo mean to you? – emo is more than just a genre of music, or a brand of clothes. emo is an adjective that describes who you are and how you feel. emo is a label that willingly or not classifies who you are in today’s society. it’s a lot more than the type of songs written by Taking Back Sunday, or the especially depressing bands at Warped Tour. emo is as much of a happy feeling as it is considered a ‘sad’ one. it’s being able to take how you feel, and pouring it into any outlet you can. it means when everything else is lost, there’s still one thing that can help you translate how you’re feeling into a physical form, more so than anything else.

Why do you like emo? – I like emo because you feel connected to the music than you would anything else. most often, a sense of helplessness or loneliness is thought of with emo, and the music projects that feeling perfectly, helping you make sense of what's happening, and making you feel not quite that alone.

Why should we accept you? – because, most of the time I’m mellow. I’m not a generic MTV-based emo freak, I know (or try to understand) the difference between true emotion and the substitution of other emotions to try and cover what cannot be described...plus I totally rock the shit at MS paint.

Opinions –

Teen Sex – its your body, and if you feel its right and your partner is right, than go ahead. although I don’t agree with people sleeping together when they’re barely 13, its not my business to judge other people and their choices.
Teen Drinking – again; your choice. I don’t see the purpose in drinking, it alters your state of mind; nothing that exiting there. if I really wanted to make an ass of myself/my friends, I’d do it without the help of alcohol.

President Bush –a (hopefully) one term president, he hasn’t done the best job that he fully could for this country, and there are a few problems that can definitely be blamed on him. the 00' election wasn’t that well-determined, and his overall performance has been less than mediocre.

Promote us to two other communities and post the link. I will check. promoted at ___emo_obsessed & icryemotears (:

+2 Pictures:

yes, I am a complete loser. this is me playing out in the rain, during a thunderstorm, all mod-ed in my hxc polkadot dress, totally ms-painted out.

I have an extremely large, ethnic, German nose. more cheap MS paint tricks!

so yeah. I applied here before, and got shot down. I’m bored, and I have no clue if I can try again but here I go.

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