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I apologize

I apologize about the not knowing there was an application, high five to everyone who clued me in...

Name: Becka
Age: God I feel old...22
Location: New Bedford, Ma

10 Favorite Bands: The Clash, Jets to Brazil, At the Drive In, Braid, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Get Up Kids, and ummm more I can't think of at the moment

5 Favorite Books: Anything by Bukowski and High Fidelity

5 Favorite Movies: Say Anything, Princess Bride, High Fidelity, Better Off Dead, CaddyShack and Edward Scissorhands

What does emo mean to you? Emo isn't in how you dress, or what music you listen to necessarily. It is how you feel, are you an empathetic person, do you sometimes get overly emotional. I know I am an emotional person and I can often relate to music, movies, books even, on that level.

Why do you like emo? Jet's to Brazil, the song Sea Aneamone.... that is answer enough

Why Should we except you? Because I always got picked last for dodge ball :)

Teen Sex: Well from personal experience i waited quite some time but I am ok with it, assuming kids are using protection and doing it selectively. It is a personal decision if you think your ready then who can really change your mind?

Teen drinking: Bah, well I never got into it. Now that I can legally drink and make an ass out of myself I would have to say if you want to do it, then do it. Realize though that even at my age when you drink sometimes you still do stupid stuff you might regret the next day. Imagine doing those things around the kids in your high school, you will never hear the end of it.

President Bush: Man now that I know I can cheat and buy my way into becoming president I am plotting my campaign now, to think the first woman and green party president... rock

Ok as for pictures, I owe you some... next post

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