Ethan (ltjwarpedtour03) wrote in emo_r_us_,

Name –Ethan Romeo

Age – be 14 in November

Location – a small town called Ware

10 favorite bands –Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Starting Line, The Used, Senses Fail, Midtown, My Chemical Romance, Away From Here, A Static Lullaby, Mae

5 Favorite books – Holes, Go Ask Alice…the only two books I like

5 favorite movies – The Goonies, Stand By Me, Mr. Deeds

What does emo mean to you? – emo = emotional, deep lyric songs, sad and depressed kids and music

Why do you like emo? – I have had my heart broken one to many times and I feel music is my only way out…and music about breaking u with your girlfriend eases the pain…

Why should we accept you? – I just want to be around people like me and I want to meet new people

Opinions –

Teen Sex – its fine if you aren’t a slut…if you 14 and having sex with 5 guys its wrong…but if your in a true relationship and know you love the person go for it…just make sure its protected

Teen Drinking – nothing wrong with it as long as you know your limits…don’t be stupid with it…

President Bush – I think he’s an idiot just like his father…I feel he has done nothing good for the country…and now he’s using 9/11 as his add campaign…that’s just wrong


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