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//* Name - Chelsea
//* Age -14
//* Location -middle of nowhere tx...

//* Favorite things -rain,thunder, my guitar, my fish,john hughes movies
//* what’s under your bed -a shoe and a as i lay dying poster

//*Favorite Books - the a-list, sloppy firsts
//*Favorite Foods -bagels, chinese, seafood...i eat alot...yet i dont gain alot of weight. i think there my be something wrong. oh well..
//*Favorite Bands - blindside, norma jean, as i lay dying, the early november, coheed, the feds, shadows fall, before braille, flickerstick, pink floyd, zepplin, nirvana

//* what does EMO mean to YOU? -overly emotional..i dont think it all has to do with the music and/or clothes. that is just what comes with the package.
//* Why are you emo? -im not sure...im hoping you might help me find out:-/
//* First emo band -jimmy eat world

//* Most Hated bands [pick 5] -linkin park, the ataris, taking back sunday, bowling for soup, bush
//* Most Hated music Video EVER -oh man.. hmm..id have to say the darkness "i believe..". i like the song but the video is just odd 0_o

//* what do you think about president bush? i think hes just fine, im from his hometown, and i support whatever he does. he knows whats best for us. sorry to yall who don't concur.

//* Why should you be apart of our community? - i would bring alot to it, and im quite a great person once you get to talk to me... and im hot...insert sarcasm here...
//* what can you bring to it? - promotions to other communities, kids i know who would be great

//* Please post 1-3 pictures





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