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//* Name - Rj
//* Age - 15
//* Location - New Jersey

//* Favorite things - Guitar, Books, Music, Drums, Girls, Girl's Pants
//* what’s under your bed - shoe boxes, clothes, my dog (sometimes)

//*Favorite Books - Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Atermis Fowl, Homer's Odyssey
//*Favorite Foods - Lobster Ravioli, Lasgna, Pizza, Mac n' Cheese,
//*Favorite Bands - Coheed and Cambria, Dashbaord Confessional, Thursday, Blue Star Drive, Northstar, Armor for Sleep, Royden, The Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Jamison Parker, Cursive,

//* what does EMO mean to YOU? - Overly Emotional; can't control one's emotions
//* Why are you emo? - I tend to breakdown a lot; people tell me I am, I'm sure exactly why
//* First emo band - Dashboard Confessional or Taking Back Sunday

//* Most Hated bands [pick 5] - Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Eifel 65, Hoobastank, Sugar Ray
//* Most Hated music Video EVER - Modest Mouse - Float On

//* what do you think about president bush? - I give him credit for getting stuff done, but I quesiton his true intentions

//* Why should you be apart of our community? - I feel i can be accepted to this community the most
//* what can you bring to it? - Other good communities, other hott emo kids.

//* Pictures:

Outside the house of a local show.

Oh yeah...


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