Bry (archer_of_down) wrote in emo_r_us_,

I'm New *Application*


//* Name -Bry
//* Age -15
//* Location -Massachusetts

//* Favorite things -Playing bass or guitar, sketching, hockey, anything music related and four-wheeling
//* what’s under your bed -My carpet...I think I have an old wallet and some writing journals too.

//*Favorite Books -Demon in my View, Catcher and the Rye, and Cut
//*Favorite Foods -I love garden burgers {they are tofu and mushrooms and good}
//*Favorite Bands - MSI, Modest Mouse, Deathcab, Jack off Jill, Poison the Well, ect.

//* what does EMO mean to YOU? -Emo=emotional. I beleive it is when something has a lot of emotions put into it. Something that has depth and intrigue. In music terms, its music with a soul. {But is most commonly used to describe "punk rock" with emotional politics as the subject}
//* Why are you emo? -People say I'm emo...I listen to things classified as emo...yet I don't think i can be described in one three letter word.
//* First emo band -Minor Treat

//* Most Hated bands [pick 5] - Creed, Cradle of Filth, Nickelback, Maroon 5, and Hanson
//* Most Hated music Video EVER -That Hoobastank(sp?) one with the girl getting hit by the car...

//* what do you think about president bush? - He is ill-equipt for presidency...I think he is just old money that got to climb the ladder to the top. That is something that is ripping at the fabric of America. He's just a bloody wanker.

//* Why should you be apart of our community? -I ♥ you!
//* what can you bring to it? -My sexy ass.

//* Please post 1-3 pictures
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